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shoot what you want but i would never shoot a boat tail. the gasses from the gun envelope a boatail bullet and not a flat base one. it can make it not as accurate. you want a tiny bubble of air to follow your bullet. it acts like the feather on a arrow to keep it going not going to argue with anyone. again do what you want. im just giving years and years of experience. i like a hollow based bullet in my 45/70 bullets. they are very short and blunt in the nose also. tack drivers every one of them. ive solved neighbors problems with 25/06/s and 270/s for coyotes. shoot the smallest lightest bullet you can and of course it has to be flat based. shoot it fast and hard it will be accurate. and all my neighbors got many coyotes after we worked that out.again 120 for wayyyyyy out their and for very very good accuracy to 200 yards 150. using 150 i got nickle size groups at 200 yards with open sights. but after 250 yards the bullet flopped every wheres. then i went to 120 for the varient in the formula bullets and they were on the money. if you want to break records at 200 yards use 150 if you want to shoot to the moon use 120. paul matthews taught me this, didnt come up with it on my own. he knew some things. a lot of things. im just passing it on. i taught this to two brothers from ill. they get 3 inch groups at 500 yards with a 45 val 1/18 twist gun. every one at the shoots they go to hate them as they always win with a different bullet than every one else. it just cant happen, but these two brothers use the sciences of shooting and win every time. sorry its just shooting facts. again do what you want.
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