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Browning 9mm 147gr BXP in Clear Ballistics Gel

Test Gun: Sig P229, Kahr MK9.
Barrel length: 3.9, 3 inches.
Ammunition: Browning 147gr BXP X-Point
Test media: 10% Clear Ballistics Gel.
Distance: 10 feet.
Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2.
Five shot velocity average: 947, 907 fps
Gel Temperature 70 degrees.

On a recent trip to Cabela's, I walked through the ammunition section like I always do, and decided to pick up something new to try. One of them was the Browning 9mm 147gr BXP round. It comes in a 20 round box and it was priced at $17.99.

From the Sig P229, I got an average velocity of 947fps with a high of 954fps and a low of 940fps. The Kahr MK9 gave me an average velocity of 907fps with a high of 913fps and a low of 902fps.

Ten yards off hand five shots with the Sig P229

The first round from the Sig hit the bare gel block at 964fps and penetrated to 18.5 inches. The recovered expansion was .49 inches and it lost considerable weight coming in at 133.4 grains. Round number two had a velocity of 940fps and penetrated to 18.75 inches. Recovered weight was 144.2 grains and it expanded to .56 inches.

Shooting through the heavy clothing the Sig two rounds had a velocity of 956 and 934fps and both passed through both gel blocks.

From the Kahr, in bare gel, the first round had a velocity of 917fps and penetrated to 16.5 inches. The recovered diameter was .54 inches and the recovered weight was 144.8 grains. Round number two's velocity was 896fps and its penetration was 18 inches. The recovered weight was 136.8 grains and the diameter was .46 inches.

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