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I suspect that a fair number of people have never thought through the full consequences of using a firearm for defense. They may have thought that they'll just shoot somebody if they have to, but never really contemplated the enormity of that action, just how terrible it really is. And now, when faced with it, they don't have time to think through their conflicted emotions. I'd spent some time thinking about this before I attended LFI-1, including a fair bit of reading. But LFI-1 definitely emphasized the terrible consequences of taking a life (and also the terrible consequences of not defending your own).

You have to make the decision ahead of time that you can take a life to save your own or your loved ones. That you can shoot a man who tried to kill you, and watch the life drain out of him as he calls for his mother. I thank the good Lord that I've never had to do this, because, as others have said, it seems to me to be the second worst thing that can happen to you.

The middle of gunfight is no time to try to make the decision as to whether or not you can take a life.

A few probably think that all they'll have to do is display their firearm and the goblin will run away. In many (most?) cases, they're absolutely right. But if they're wrong...

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