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Alaska is absolutely correct. The wolves that were introduced into Yellowstone were a completely different subspecies. Different subspecies have distinctly different size ranges but more importantly temperaments. This drastically changes the ecosystem in that environment. The larger more predatory wolves obviously have a larger impact on prey species. Interestingly enough though the wolves in Yellowstone have had a positive effect. The elk were and still are very overpopulated in some areas causing severe distruction to the plant life. When the wolves were introduced it culled the elk population. This in turn caused vegetation to make a come back and we smaller wildlife such as beavers and birds thriving. Elk are a far more distructive species than wolves are. To the environment that is. Also studies have found that grizzly populations have actually increased since the introduction of wolves in yellowstone when antiwolf advocates said the opposite would happen. This is because grizzlies are scavenging kills from wolves. Because of this more grizzly cubs are coming of age.

Spy I think it's very clear why the giant wolf hasn't been released to the public. It's a government cover up! It's clearly a genetically altered werewolf!
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