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Marlin Model 1888

I am new to gun collecting. Kids are gone and I have always had an interest in guns. This past weekend I came upon a Marlin Model 1888, lever action, 32-20, octagon barrel, side ejection, it has a sight on the stock that folds down and has elevation adjustment, the front sight was a circle with a short vertical blade in the center. There also is a sight on the back of the barrel. I don't know the length of the barrel. I started researching this rifle, which is how I found this forum. One discovery was that the Model 1888 did not come with side ejection, only top. 1889 was the introduction of side ejection. When I looked at the rifle I didn't know enough to know what a side ejection vs. a top ejection looks like. The owner told me it was a side ejection.

If looks to be in very good condition and functional. No rust evident except when the lever was opened there was evidence of small amounts of rust inside the loading area. Model 1888 was stamped on the barrel.

Since it was a 32-20 he also offered me a 1924 S&W, Military & Police DA, 6 shot, round barrel, center fire pistol. I did not see this one. I'm still researching this pistol. Any help here would be appreciated.

Thanks for any help
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