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Two real incidences that I know of..
One, the officer was plain clothes, but he was trying to hit on the tellers at that bank so that they knew that he was a LEO.
So when the BG's came in, and they had everyone on the of the tellers turned to the LEO and whispered loud enough for the BG's to hear, "Why don't you do something about this? You have a gun."
He was severely pistol whipped. Talks a little slow now because of the head trauma.

One of my LEO friends was off duty and he used to drop by this gunshop to shoot the breeze. There was a wannabe who would attach himself to any LEO who could put up with him...he'd buy food, knives, even guns...once gave away 15 Seecamps to the LEO's who came into the shop...the wannabe is a salesman with a lot of time on his hands.
Anyway, one day the WB(wannabe) goes out on a doughnut and coffee run with an off duty LEO, they sit down and two BG's walk in, one covers the patrons, the other pays his attention to the cashier.
WB, scares the S**t out of the lEO, by tugging on his sleeve and shows his handgun under the table. WB mouthes "Now?!" LEO says, "No! Put it away!"
The BG at the cashier, slaps her...WB almost jumps out of his seat, LEO grabs him and pulls him back down. WB wants to have a shootout. LEO feels situation is still not out of hand and it doesn't call for a shootout.
BG's leave with cash. WB is totally frustrated and questions bravery of LEO. LEO gives full description of BG's and the license plate of the car that they drove away in. Guys are caught two days later without incident.

I know it's hard but sometimes you have to be patient...I believe timing is every thing. Along with luck.
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