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In SoCal, we have had incidences where the BG's got the drop on everybody, then when they discovered an LEO, killed 'em.

Let's say that you are in an office building, the BG's come in and "surround you", either they have superior numbers and firepower or they totally surprised you. In either case, they have the drop on you.
The BG's herd you all into one office space. They lock the door after disconnecting all the phones, this office is landlocked(no windows or doors to outside) except where the BG's left a guard.
You hear through the door, that the BG's are coming back after they rob the offices in the building and they are arguing whether or not they are going to check everyone for weapons...then they're going to tie everyone up and have a little fun with some of the hostages...Oh joy!

You're carrying concealed, do you try to organize resistance and show and tell the other hostages ? or just figure that you're on your own and you'll figure when you might have to do an escape?
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