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I bought a LR 308 Oracle in August and love it. With a Vortex 5-15X44 scope it weighs in a 12.5 lbs. But mine is a bench rifle only, won't be hunting with it or going to war with it!!!!!! It's very accurate with factory ammo, does 3-4 shot groups into .625" - 6.55" at 100 yards with 168gr AMAX and 168gr TAP FPD ammo. It's quite capable of putting more rounds into those size groups, but not with me pulling the trigger. At 64 years old I'm not the shot that I was 10 years ago.

I have done a lot of cosmetic changes but the only change to the receiver was to change out the trigger for a Timney 4 lb trigger. Now it's a sweet shooting rifle.

A 45 may not expand but it will never be smaller than .45!!
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