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Magazine Redux

Received the Februaray issue.

The article discussing AR magazines is pretty interesting. I particularly like the comment that people shouldn't use their beater magazines to save their good magazines for zombie attacks. LOL!

Which I must admit, I have alot of brand new AR mags all wrapped up and what do I use? All the cheaper and older ones, because, I don't know, I don't want to scratch up my new mags until I need them and figure if the older mags work fine, why start using the new ones. I actually still use some cheap after market magazines instead of brand new government issue magaziens I have. I suppose if I was going to really need to use my rifle for something serious besides just shooting on the range, I would use my newer magazines.

The rest of the article has some other good tips in choosing and servicing your AR magazines including the popular 28 rounds in the 30 rnd mag discussion.
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