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For armed guard nite work; What kind of scope/dot/optic for a Rossi '92 .44 mag lever

For Christmas I bought my dad a Rossi 92 action lever with a 20 inch barrel chambered in 44 magnum. It's stainless with a nice cherry wood stock, he loves it (so do I . The action is very smooth. We are taking it out next week to put some rounds thru it. Very excited.

He does armed guard work at night protecting high end construction/mining equipment. They have a theft problem out there, and they also have a feral hog problem. Up till now he's been carrying a Remington 870 and any of a variety of handguns (he's got a great collection of those but not much in long guns). He has a S&W 629 in 44.mag that goes very well with the Rossi and is wanting to use those as his work setup. Anyhow, Dads getting up there in age and his eyesight isn't what it used to be. He may have to use the rifle in anything from very bright to very low light since the yard is lit up but there is nothing else around that area so outside of the lights its pitch black.

Although we haven't shot it yet I believe the '92 action ejects the round upwards. It is drilled and tapped for a mount right underneath the rear iron sight. Taking everything above into account I need some suggestions. The budget isn't that much of a concern. I'd like it to be <$1,000, but this is a duty weapon so if it's a bit over it's okay. Help me out guys. Thanks.
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