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I've run my Dillon tumbler for 24 hours with no problem and it didn't seem to get overly warm. I now put it on a timer and removed the timer's "on" clip to keep it from starting back up on its own. Crank it up before dinner and it shuts off by the time the kids are in bed.

I used to tumble for very long periods before I discovered how well the Dillon blue stuff works. It is more expensive than the auto polish, but I only use 5 or 6 capfuls per batch of media (walnut), so it lasts a long time. I've found that I sometimes need add another capful or two when cleaning slows down, but that's infrequent.

One trick is making sure you run the tumbler for a while without any brass whenever you add polish. If you don't, some of your cases will have a real nasty goop packed in there (and it is a PITA cleaning it out of the sizing/decapping die).
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