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Are you saying that the presumed defendant in a civil suit over a DGU that was never charged could present that as fait accompli that the DGU was in fact, justified?
Absolutely not--quite the contrary.

Sorry for the typos in the post from which you quoted. The original is being corrected.

Read this:
Thank you for your insight in this thread -
You are most welcome.

I will assume that you are in the legal profession in some way, of course.
Do not so assume.

I never practiced law.

In the course of a long and very varied career, I spent probably thousands hours working directly with attorneys, ,including members of prestigious local and Washington DC law firms, in various fields of law. I have taken more classes in some kinds of law than most law school graduates take in school.

I prepared material for use in litigation; I worked in ensuring corporate compliance with numerous laws and regulations; and I helped in responding to investigations.

Understand, however, that a bout all that will do for one for a subject such as this one is to equip one to understand what is meant by laws and court rulings and so on.

The practice of law can become very complex. If one were to go to most any law firm, even one that advertises widely, and ask how, for example, things work under the civil immunity laws in your state, they would have do some research. Most likely, they would consult with attorneys who are knowledgeable of that specific subject.

I am retired.
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