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In every knife use demonstration by Michael Janich that I have seen on television, Michael has gone to great length to show how to use the blade for slashing key tendons, to render the attacker immediately incapable of continuing the attack.

I do not recall ever seeing him demonstrate stabbing, and it is my recollection that he cautions against it.

One reason for that may well have to do with effecting an immediate stop.

Another may well have to do with the difficulty of determining how much damage would really be required, and therefore how much would be justifiable.
I agree totally. I also suspect, from a civil standpoint, it is probably better to have shot the gun out of a bad guys hand than have shot him center mass. To a juror if not a lawyer. Both slashing tendons and shooting the gun out of someones hand takes many times the skill of just going for center mass. The key tendons with a knife also generally involves some sort of disability or control of the target. For instance, it is quite difficult to exert the force necessary on the wrist to reliably cut the tendons without immobilizing it. It isn't his knife, so it would be foolish to assume it is sharp.

My understanding is, when it comes to deadly force, it is either justified or not. Shooting or stabbing or slicing anywhere is almost certainly classified as deadly force.

I think the video stopped before all relevant footage was shown and you can't clearly see if the guy is still fighting or not once they are on the ground. As pointed out it certainly seems to me like the robber is headed for the door before they get to the ground. Once the adrenaline starts flowing...

The guy was wearing sandals and they weren't tactical chacos. It is hard for me to think he was looking for a fight. Though I'd bet it wasn't his first rodeo.

One of these situations where, in hindsight Monday morning, letting the robber proceed may have been a better decision.

Who robs a Starbucks? I only see people pay with apps and credit cards around here.

Guy will probably be bankrupted if they sue though. That is simply the way it works. Maybe someone will raise some money to help out with legal bills.
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