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I never saw the robber running away.
Alright, trying to get away, toward the exit, while being restrained and attacked.

A fight is not by any stretch of the imagination over because somebody has gone to the ground on their hands and knees.
That has absolutely nothing to do with lawful self defense.

The lawful objective of the defender is to stop the attack--not to "end" a "fight". He must then stop using force, as immediately as possible.

The laws of self defense and the strategies of martial arts are not the same.

As Marc MacYoung puts it,

"... the goal of self-defense is not to win; winning is the realm of fighting...."

"... If you are engaged in physical conflict for any other reason or using excessive force, it is not self-defense. It is something else. THAT is what you will be judged by.

"..Even if he swung first, you cannot continue to attack when he has turned and is attempting to escape.

"You cannot continue to kick and punch someone who has fallen to the ground. .......

"Any and all of these situations do not meet the standards of 'self-defense,' but are instead acts of aggression on your part. No matter how justified you think they were! Or how in the heat of the moment, they seemed to make perfect sense! ...

"All of these actions will be viewed not by how you felt they were appropriate, but how they compare with the standards of self-defense.

"The goal of self-defense training is clear, it is to get you out of a dangerous situation as quickly and effectively as possible while using a level of force that is appropriate to the situation.

"This, not that the laws are so screwed up, is the reason why so many people are arrested for 'attempted self-defense'.

"The law is well acquainted with how people use violence to get what they want. What the law is just as acquainted with is how often people try to hide their misconduct under the guise of self-defense!

"Putting it in the most juvenile terms, by acting in such a category you aren't the "good guy" anymore. While it may seem silly to phrase it this way, as many people have discovered the hard way, not being the good guy has severe legal and social repercussions."
I hope you have found this helpful.
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