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About knife training - it's a great thing to have. Having taken my second such course as an old toot in my 60's, wrestling around with a younger man with knives is something I'll pass on. I injured my hand in the course of the class - and had to wear a for arm and handl supporter gadget for a bit and go to phys. therapy.

It was kind of interesting explaining it at work. Oh, did you fall down and go boom! No, I hurt in in defensive knife fighting class. That gets you a look depending on which side of the self-defense spectrum you are talking to.

Worse part was listening to my Sig. Other expressing her opinion on old fools rolling around with young guys.

The intervention debate is an old one. If you put your self-interest first, the good samaritan was foolish to say the least. He might have been watching too much TV and though the chair would be an instant kill or disabling move. If the guy had a real gun, he might just have been shot to pieces.

Has OldM. states, stabs are not instantly disabling into the body. Classes teach different targets. It's not so easy to get to them if you are grappling.
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