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Gee gosh. What would we do without those 'experts'. See that is the whole point, if he was not trained by these 'experts', ...
Had he been so trained, and were he able to prove it, (1) he would have known how to not use deadly force improperly, and (2) he could show evidence of his having known that.

And since it happened on July 21.. and it's now Sept. 22, I sure don't see any grand jury or any criminal charges. That's over.
Don't jump to that conclusion.

We just had a murder trial here that involved charges made years after the incident, and after numerous legal reviews, state and federal, had concluded that the act had been lawfully justified.

...he was FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE, then it would be reasonable for him to gig that guy till he stopped attacking him.
Yes indeed.

The issue is the continued stabbing, while trying to hold the man down, after the man had stopped attacking him, and while the man was trying to make it to the exit.

It would be bad enough if the evidence were limited to the forensic evidence of stab wounds in the back. Here we have a pretty clear video record.

If he is sued, and if I were his defense attorney, I would advise him to settleout of court with the lowest amount of damages that should be agreed upon.

If that does happen, we will not hear about it. Such settlements are confidential.

You will recall that Jerome Ersland was hailed as a hero who he used deadly force during a store robbery in Oklahoma City. The man he shot was a robber, and both the robber and the robber's accomplice were very bad hombres indeed. The initial use of the gun was certainly justified.

But Ersland is now serving a life sentence.

You have to stop using force when the imminent threat has ended.

Had the Starbucks robber died, Cregg Jerri would be in more trouble. As it is, the worst that can happen to him in criminal court would be a conviction for aggravated assault.

I, for one, would hate to face the expenses of a defense, civil or criminal, much less the cost of a settlement.

Does anyone have a basis for justifying the continued stabbing of the fleeing felon?
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