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I have to say thinking of someone saddled with all these legal expenses for what was clearly an act for the good to stop a robbery is deeply disturbing.

This individual could lose his job, go bankrupt (we have no idea how extensive his legal fees might be), and potentially be saddled with a judgement by a civil court for an award of damages to the criminal.

And it isn't like this is some case where the good samaritan provoked a confrontation or was in some situation where we could debate what fault the two parties had such as a road rage incident or some verbal argument. No this was a straight-up criminal act.

What world do we live in?

Yes, yes, I hear you....better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6....However I mean it won't take long for many people to do a half-a-second mental calculation and realize the cost/benefit in such a situation is to lay down, hand over your money, and be a good little victim. Just off the top of my head those people could come to two conclusions.....why be armed at all if this is the likely outcome? While others might conclude, well, if I leave any perp alive in a self-defense or stopping a criminal act, I'm going to get sued, possibly lose my job, and go I should just not leave them alive.
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