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I won't say I have the answer,but I do have a theory. My older brother had one that quit grouping.After some frustration he sold it.
First,the OP says 6 MOA. A rough bore beat up battle rifle from WW1 with no bedding work will usually beat 6MOA. With all due respect,I think the twist is close enough for 120 to 140 gr bullets,and unless the OP can see a gross barrel problem,the rifle ought to shoot as well as nearly any lever deer rifle,at least better than 6 MOA

Long ago a buddy of mine cut a beautiful contoured tapered octagon barrel in 45-70 fot a Martini action. He cut a dovetail across the underside
of the barrel to hang the forend.

That dovetail ruined he harmonics of the barrel.t was a huge stress riser.

The rifle would shoot very mild loads quite well,but approach 1886 Win tier loads,and it scattered.

This post got my curiosity up,so I went to YouTube. This smith is just doing a teardown/clean job. I can see the disassembled rifle.

Browning cut a very large dovetail across the underside of the barrel to hang the gas cylinder.

I just won't cut a barrel that way. You will notice the bolt rifles with dovetail barrel sights have a ring of thicker steel profiled in the barrel for the dovetail.

I suppose in some cases the stress relief,barrel harmonics and dovetail fit work out,so some of these rifles shoot well.

IMO,its a poor design

Another little thing that might be important. What is the front sling swivel screw also holds the forend on. It threads into that gas cyl dovetailed into the barrel.

If you sling swivel rests on the bag,its a rigid post to the gas cyl,then to the dovetail,which is a barrel stress riser.That,IMO,is probably worse than resting a barrel without a dovetail on a hard surface. Its going to bounce.

Try being certain no contact with the swivel s made to the bag.

I know very mid loads are not a solution on an elk rifle,but you might try some to learn if harmonics are an issue. If it shoots better,thats a clue.Not real good news,but it ndicates the dovetail

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