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A friend of mine got a titanium snubby in 45 Colt that can't shoot 250-grain bullets, including commercial loads, without getting bullet pulling that jams the cylinder rotation.
Just out of curiosity, did you friend's snubby come with information warning him about its failure to be able to use 250gr bullets???

When you are in a special class situation, you have to do special, often unusual things in order to get satisfactory results. I get that. You don't run a dragster on 87 octane regular gas (with 10% ethanol) that you buy at your local station. But, its also fair to expect the guys who build and sell you that dragster to TELL YOU that.

From the day they came out, Desert Eagle has told everyone not so shoot lead bullets from their pistol. They are very clear about that, and why. Yet some people don't listen, and wind up paying for repair (replacement barrel assy -NOT cheap) out of their own pocket as the cost of their ignorance or foolishness.

I've got Desert Eagles in .357 and .44 Magnum, as well as T/C Contender barrels in those (and many other) calibers. I don't have to run crimped ammo in those guns, but I do, because I also have revolvers and crimping is part of my loading process for them, and I don't change that to make uncrimped ammo for the DE or the Contender. I could, but see no point, as properly crimped rounds don't hurt anything.

I'm sure your friend had good reasons to buy a titanium snubby in .45 Colt. Just seems to me that if you make a gun that won't work right with the standard bullet weight for the round, one that has been in use AS the standard bullet weight for nearly 150 YEARS, you should make an extra effort to inform potential customers of that, PRIOR to sale.

If you want to buy and use a special die for roll crimping, go ahead, that's your business. My needs have always been met by using the crimp built into the standard seating dies of my die sets.

I HAVE bought separate dies for TAPER crimping 9mm & .45ACP, but that is a different subject.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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