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Originally Posted by Unclenick View Post
I've had good luck with the Redding Profile Crimp dies. One of the problems with roll crimps is forming a heavy crimp without the sharp turn at the corner of the crimp pulling brass away from the sides of the bullet just below the crimp. The Redding die addresses this by starting the crimp as a taper crimp that terminates in a roll profile. The taper keeps the wall of the case below the crimp trapped while the sharper roll is being formed, so a hard crimp can be achieved without the lifting problem and it's resulting bulge and lowered bullet contact.

If an actual roll crimp isn't strictly a requirement, you may want to take a look at the Lee Collet Style crimp dies for the magnum pistol rounds. These impress a narrow ring into the brass at the case mouth.
This, I love the Lee collet crimp die. It’s easy on brass, more tolerant of case length variance, and so easy to use. I’ve never tried a taper crimp die but can see how it too would work well.
Oops my bad, I see upon rereading you mentioned both special and magnums.
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