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AlongCameJones: .....Gunbroker is kind of a mess.
No, it isn't.
I have a feeling you jumped into Gunbroker without doing one bit of research into anything about GunBroker.

If you did you would have found this:
How will the sales tax process flow? will calculate and add the applicable sales tax to each order being shipped to a MPF State. The buyer will pay the seller the Order Total Payable, which includes the sales tax. The seller will be notified of the sales tax to remit via a sales tax statement. The tax amount will be remitted to via a remittance process that is very similar to the one we use to collect fees which uses your payment method(s) on file. will then remit the sales tax to the appropriate state.

Since is not part of the financial transaction between the buyer and the seller, cannot directly collect the sales tax from the buyer. The buyer's tax payment goes form the buyer, to the seller, to and then finally to the state.
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