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As a kid I remember reading about the capture of the artillery and the movement of those pieces.

The thing that really seared into my memory was not how they came about them, or where they were taking them. What crashed into me as a child was that as they were moving over rivers they kept breaking through the ice.

And they went into the frozen rivers to drag them out!

THAT is what drove home to me just how determined those people were to throw off the British reign.

My education in the 70s had me thinking the founders were acting in a selfish way. They were grabbing for self enrichment and power. I can't think of a single thing that caused me to believe that, but I did.

But reading about moving those guns absolutely did not square with that. I am still in disbelief at the superhuman fortitude required to go into frozen water in the wilderness to reclaim those guns. Over and over.

That event made me re-think everything I believed about the revolution.
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