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Originally Posted by reddog81 View Post
I'm sure they'll sell some, but I rarely hear people in the gun store clamoring over carry guns with fewer rounds and more weight. People are usually looking for the "best" gun for them not the 4th one on the list...
I have never paid much attention what people in guns stores are clamoring over. Really do not care. Amazing how many people in gun stores do not know much more than the ads and internet have to say. Heck, I bet the vast majority of people in gun stores have never even heard of a CZ of any kind. I think there are going to be a lot of experienced shooters out there, that will want to try out the CZ, attually shoot it and want the gun and those are the one's that don pay attention to adds, fads internet
etc.. A lot of fans as well. CZ is a smart innovative company. They always make a solid product. I do not see them caving into fads and for that I say good for them. I understand that Sig 365 have their fans just like Glock and others have theirs. But I think it is a mistake to believe all feel that a Sig 365 is the only gun to purchase.
The purchaser that shoots the gun, likes the product, the feel the weight, size the quality the way the gun actually shoots and does not listen to ads and internet Rhetoric will be the ultimate judge. A 10 rd magazine does NOT make a gun the best or above all others. A magazine is just one criteria among many.
It could be a sign that Gun manufacturers are not chasing the latest fad and going back or just focusing on a solid, well built, great shooting Pistol.
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