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The irony is that the "potential flyers" these guys are getting on the AMP press are probably as good as or better than anything an amateur chump like me could load with my basic stuff at home.
the irony is what separates the pros from the amauteur chump is not the quality ammo of the ammo ,it's the person doing the shooting and how they perform that determines where those bullets will land. A $1200 press and a $5000 scope won't help you read the wind or get a repeatable cheek weld consistently match after match

Everyone thinks they can shoot like the champs just becasue they and put the crosshair on the target and pull the trigger. You can buy the best golf equipment manufactured but unless you have the talent and the drive to practice chances are you won't be playing in the Masters next year. Same with shooting.
“How do I get to the next level?” Well, you get to the next level by being the first one on the range and the last one to leave.” – Jerry Miculek
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