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Originally Posted by JerryM
In my youth I/we never thought of such things, or killing our classmates or teachers. We had never been exposed to such thinking. How different it is now, and video games do have an impact.
Except that isn't true. School shootings were a thing long, long before games became widely popular, even remotely realistic, or even existed.

A small number of examples from that link:

The mid to late 1970s is considered the second most violent period in U.S. school history with a series of school shootings,

December 30, 1974: Olean, New York, Regents scholar Anthony Barbaro, 17, armed with a rifle and shotgun, kills three adults and wounds 11 others at his high school, which was closed for the Christmas holiday. Barbaro was reportedly a loner who kept a diary describing several "battle plans" for his attack on the school.

February 2, 1971: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Teacher Samson L. Freedman, 56, was shot to death as he left Morris E. Leeds School, by Kevin Simmons, 14. Freedman had suspended Simmons earlier in the day for cursing in the hallway.

For reference, the video game on store shelves in 1975 was Pong.

Or even earlier:

September 24, 1937: Toledo, Ohio, 12-year-old Robert Snyder shot and wounded his principal, June Mapes, in her office at Arlington public school when she declined his request to call a classmate. He then fled the school grounds and shot and wounded himself

May 4, 1956: Prince George's County, Maryland, 15-year-old student Billy Prevatte fatally shot one teacher and injured two others at Maryland Park Junior High School after he had been reprimanded from the school

Or waaaay earlier:

June 12, 1887: Cleveland, Tennessee, Will Guess went to the school and fatally shot Miss Irene Fann, his little sister's teacher, for whipping her the day before
16 Pistols, 5 Rifles, 1 Shotgun, no time to shoot them

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