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The search is over...

Well, I couldn't stand it any longer.. so after calling 15 places in central NY I found a place 3 hours away, White tail sports in Olean, NY. they had 4 BLRs.

a blue 243, blue 30-06, and both stainless and blue in 308. I looked at their new Marlin and it looked ok, much better than any I mentioned above. They also had a Henry 30-30. It was much better yet. (I mean the apparent quality when looking at it in the store was nice. Had a nice peep site too.) The Henry finish was in the middle of the Marlin and the Browning.

I got the Stainless Browning 308. It looked immaculate, fit and finish, action.. When you look in the chamber it looks perfect. No rouch machining marks, nothing but smooth, shiny clean surfaces, smooth action. It's quality shows. It was $869.. Henry was $600, and marlin was $450. $260 more and I had the best, so I did it.

Even though I wanted a 30-30, I just knew I wouldn't regret the Browning. I may eventually get a nice old used Marlin or Henry if I see a deal, but the Browning was what I expected. The BLR is a bit thicker, and not the same nice narrow light feel as the Marlin, but it weighs the same and the action appears to be so much better. Hopefully, it will shoot ok. Still ahve to get scope, rings etc.

I see that you can get scope rings that attach directly to gun not needing a base for the BLR. I'm wondering if anybody has done that? I was warned that if you don't use a weaver scope you are limited in where the rings go and so are limited on where the scope goes as far as position back and forth and thus eye relief could be an issue. Anybody scope a BLR without a base and just rings?

Thanks again, I used alot of the above posts in making my decision.

Lastly, having still wondering if my infatuation with a lever gun was just that, an infatuation, I looked at a tika t3 lite. I almost went with that but they didn't have a 308 or 7mm 08, only 3006. It is a very smooth nice gun. It maybe be nicer than the browning a bolt, xbolt. It has a great, solid ring set up that other guns should use IMHO. No 308 at store so I passed. I would not think twice witha browning x bolt or tika or sako. I'm not as familliar with remington so can't comment on them. I'm a sort of an anal nut when buying guns and Browning and Tika leave me with nothing to gripe about.

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