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The thing that's different about Marlins is the quality of Barrel that you get from them...which is to say Higher than Average!!

The X-7 series is Button-rifled...something you used to only see on much more expensive rifles...
which in Marlin's case gives you a better barrel for low cost

Add to that the facts that the X-7 is pillar-bedded from the factory, fluted bolt, adjustable target trigger, and NICE recoil pad...
which equals one heck of an inexpensive rifle that is Sub-MOA from the box if the shooter can do their part!!!

The predecessor to the X-7 line was the MR-7...which is a freakishly phenominally precise rifle...
they learned from their experience with the MR-7 and created the X-7 seres to do something simple...
be less expensive, yet more precise than the Savage Axis & Remington 700 offerings...which they did.

Once you've shot an X-7 with a good scope on it, you'll never go back to a Remmy 700.
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