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Sunday Rabbit

Well I had the day off today and my wife and kids left town for a few days so I'm being a bachelor for a few days. Of course I hit the reloading bench and spent the day working up a couple loads to go try out for a couple rifles. Along towards evening I headed out with a friend for an afternoon/evening shoot.

The thought had occurred to me to go out east of town to shoot and try for a rabbit for dinner but due to circumstances I ended up not bringing my 22 rifle(s), and had disregarded the idea. As luck would have it, pulling into the shooting spot a cottontail crossed the road and hunkered down under a big cedar tree that had limbs all the way to the ground. I hadn't eaten much all day so I was hungry and I couldn't resist. Made the neck shot at maybe 5-8 yards, 158gr LSWC under 4.5gr 700x. It did the trick. It's rare for me to score a pistol kill, actually missed him the first shot. This is the first time out with this pistol, so the first shot turned into a ranging shot. We're zeroed in now though

Shooting went OK, I'm out of practice. Good news I have 2 loads to look closer at. The plan is to head back out tomorrow to try them out. Maybe catch dinner again, we'll see. Good meal to end the day. Not as good as momma makes it but maybe I can try again tomorrow.
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