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Crossfire: I too have allergy and sinus problems. I use Clariton. There are other brands of meds which do not contain pseudoephedrine. You might try these. If you must use a product with pseudo, it is a minor inconvienence when you have to purchase it, but it far outways the damage free access gives to the meth problem. I AM proud of my efforts and will always voice them. If there was enough time and space I could give you the stats and info of why the regulation on pseudo is necessary to curtain meth manufacturing. Pseudo is the main ingedient needed to make meth. Without it, no meth.

22: It is nice to see a non-leo individual who is able to see the problem about meth.

Derby: Your comments just amaze me. I am a staunch 2nd Amendment advocate. Respectfully, without the knowledge about the meth manufacturing process, its addictive properties and the damage it is causing, you should refrain from making ill informed statements. Spouting rhetoric about something one does not know anything about not only shows their ignorance but is also dangerous.
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