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Edward: Interesting that you compared "Nukes" to Meth. When I would give drug talks and classes, I compared Meth to "our homegrown weapon of mass destruction".
I've met a couple people who were upstanding good people, jobs, health, family and all that and then 6 or 8 months go by and shazam, they're different people. No more house, wife left with the kids, teeth falling out, vibrating, unkempt. I knew that stuff was powerful but wow. Not to mention that more and more houses are 'sneezing' from people trying to make it. When I first heard about methlabs blowing up, I thought drug dummies, isolated incident. Now I hear about them blowing up regularly so it just stands to reason that the stuff is even more dangerous than I originally thought. The more I learn about that stuff, the more it seems like the nuke of the drug world.

Geez even the herion addicts of the 60's & 70's didn't cause as much mayhem, they'd get high and basically nod off to sleep is the way I understand it.
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