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Derby: Unfortunatly something has been lost in the communication. My response to the issue was to try to inform those who are not LEO's about the real life issues I have seen and experienced. Telling you about my son's addiction was to let people know that even with a good moral christian upbringing things happen that are out of the parents control. Drug experimentation can be catasthrophic. I'm not one to throw stones. In my youth I smoked my share of weed and currently enjoy a beer with the guys now and then. On some parts, I agree with you and Osbourn. Government officials do try to regulate issues which infringe of individuals rights. (Such as fast food fat, smoking, etc.) Unfortunately, until laws are changed LEO must perform their duties to the best of their ability. In reqards to my injury from the meth lab, that is something that comes with the dangers of the job and I hold no anger about it. Sure it sucks, but I have recieved other injuries during my career and my feeling about them are the same. It comes with the territory. Possibly legalization might work. I dont think it would. My reasoning for that is the misuse of prescription drugs.
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