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Still trying to find .357 ammo locally, but took the little Wrangler out to the range on the weekend.

1) This is my first revolver, my first single-action revolver and my first gate-loader all in one. Little things to learn abounded, like making sure the chambers line up with the ejector rod (hold the gun up and look at the front of the cylinder as you punch the rod back and forth) and that the cartridges are seated all the way in (else the cylinder can lock up).

2) Slow as it is to load and unload, the best thing about this little gun is not having to hunt for the cases on the ground. (Next to no recoil is also good.) Next time, I'm going to bring a bucket with me so that I can rid my hands of the empties quickly and responsibly without needing to pick them up once more from the place I put them all.

3) My cleaning rod, which seems perfect for my .22 rifles, doesn't want to push a patch more than an inch down the barrel. Do I need something smaller, or should I be using a pull-through?

4) I shoot like garbage with this gun, even at 15ft. We all know what the only cure for that is, don't we?
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