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So I have gone two different directions with this.

I have a Boyd’s for my custom Franken-Mauser. But for one of my “abomination” conversions, the stock was split and destroyed and dented and beat, insert word of choice here for how bad this piece of wood looked. The Boyd’s was just a red hair short of “plug and play” or “drop in” as the gun community likes to call it. Needed the action pocket relieved just a dash for the fatter front ring, and the barrel channel opened up for the bull barrel. Also needed the bolt cut out. A single day’s work. Plus re-applying the clear coat that I took off when cutting the wood.

I purchased a surplus stock from an LGS, sanded off the old finish, repaired any gouges or dents, etc. Sanded it flush and smooth, no steps for the barrel bands anymore. Think Mannlicher style. Opened up the action pocket and barrel channel to do what I needed it to do.

Two coats of Watco Danish Oil, one of boiled linseed oil, and was back in business.

Either option would suit you well, once you assess the damage from the saltwood. Best of luck!!
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