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RCBS , CH4D and Lyman all have traditional , "old school" roll crimp dies that will roll a crimp into a crimp groove .
The Die called Profile Crimp Die is a roll crimping die with a tighter "roll" in the profile it isn't a taper crimp .
Finding a roll crimp die is like pulling teeth ...they only want to show you the Lee Factory Crimp Die ... but just the standard seating / crimping die that comes with a standard die set will have a roll crimp in 38/357 and 44 spc/44 mag. Adjust the thing so that it crimps without seating the bullet any deeper .
The best way to eliminate shaving is seat (no crimp) in one step then move to next die and crimp (no seating) in the second step ...
You may have to order the die from factory ...
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