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They are "still" that good !!!

I just know the model number I bought and I know a few things have changed over the years..
I am a Ruger fan and have seen numberous changes throughout the 10/22 history. Some of the changes are valid upgrades and others are definitely not. If you stumble over and older used one, you will be better off than the latest issue. Having said that, they are still that good. I have lost track of how many upgrades; I have done on these. There is nothing wrong with a Birch stock the plastic parts have not yet proven their logevity. The barrel band really serves no purpose but does have cosmetic appeal. I have four Grandsons and have gifted them all, 10/22 when they started hunting. The 10/22 is the only rifle, that I am aware of, that has an upgrade on "every" component. .....

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