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Looks like NV is “silent” on car carry, loaded in a console/glovebox appears legal, I think..
I'd want to be very certain before I'd put myself at risk of being a test case.

Each state has its own rules and they're not all the same degree of sensible.

Depending on how the state looks at it, a loaded gun in the car console could be "carried" and so allowed, or it could be considered "transported" since its not physically on your person, and if so, then you may be in violation of transport of a loaded gun laws.

and since its in the console, it may be considered "concealed" for yet another dimension of complications.

There are jurisdictions which consider the gun "loaded" if there is ammunition in the same container, or both in the same compartment of the vehicle you are in.

You need to KNOW what the laws are where you are, and where you're going, an every where inbetween. it would be tragic if you wound up in court over something easily preventable with some research and forethought.
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