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Definitely make sure you are in the right with TSA/airline policy, especially out of Vegas.

I flew armed (Federal L/E) out of there mid-April. The rank/file of TSA there were pretty good/personable, but the supervisor I dealt with was a complete jerk. Got the impression that if it was up to him (it’s not), I wouldn’t be flying armed. Even the TSOs were scratching their heads with the way he was talking to me.

One of the TSOs I dealt with while waiting 20 minutes for the supervisor to come over was promoting the following week, and maybe the supervisor had a bad day… but I’d just be squared away in case that one deals with you.

I’ve flown out of two other airports multiple times (checking pistols two other times), and never had an experience like that before.

But I’ve also had a coworker get jammed up because the airline agent at the counter didn’t tell anyone that he declared a checked firearm… which he did. If you check it, make sure they just don’t put it on the conveyor in the back. [emoji1787]
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