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Not an expert by any means, the last time I transported firearms on an aircraft was 2003 and out of NY.

That being said, if you find out, in advance, and DO everything the airlines says to do, every thing the TSA/Homeland Security says to do, and everything the state of Nevada says to do, and don't do ANY of the things they say not to do, what have they got to hassle you about???

you may be carrying in states where you're permitted to do so, but when you're someplace you're not, you don't carry, you're NOT "armed" you are transporting firearms and there is a significant legal difference there.

One thing is be sure if you have ammo along with the firearms, you need to comply with ALL the separation and container requirements.

Sometimes, its simpler to just ship your ammo to your destination. USMail, UPS, FedEx, what ever meet the requirements. For a bit of $ your ammo can be waiting for you when you get there, or shortly after...

Last time I flew with checked guns, the world was a much less paranoid place ..but that was nearly 20 years ago and a lot has changed since then.
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