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stinkeypete As a practical matter, shipping with fedex personally as a FFL (C&R)
would be cheaper than paying my local full FFL to ship through his fedex account.
Of course.
But what your dealer can do is ship a firearm other than a rifle or shotgun via USPS......for half the cost of FedEx Overnight or UPS Next Day.

An individual can't ship fedex, so it would be cheaper for me if I had the FFL.
As I wrote above, having an FFL doesn't get you discounted rates with any carrier. Having an FFL doesn't mean you can ship via FedEx. You must be enrolled in their FFL shipping program.

My question is, does C&R enjoy the same ability to use fedex and ups.
You cannot ship firearms via FedEx unless you are enrolled in their FFL shipping program.

Does that also apply at the USPS. USPS would be metric crap-tons cheaper.
Again, answered in previous post. Licensed dealers and manufacturers, but not collectors, can mail firearms other than rifles and shotguns via USPS.

If someone has experience with the shipping details, that would be helpful to hear from. As a practical matter.
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