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I stand by my belief that laws are designed to allow the government to punish the citizens not to deter criminals from breaking them .
I think you're missing the point. The laws provide for punishment, and it is the fear of that punishment that provides deterrence.

When people "knew" that if they commit murder and get caught they will be hung, or shot, or electrocuted or go to the gas chamber and be executed, some people will not do the crime. Others still will, believing they won't be caught...

When the death penalty was a sure, and certain thing, and when it was carried out relatively soon after conviction (and not 20some years down the road after endless rounds of appeals) I believe that had an effect, one that was different from what we have today.

Unfortunately, that effect is not something we can measure and put into numbers and use in any argument.

Many people argue that the death penalty is not a deterrent, (and by extension other punishments are also not a deterrent) and they are not entirely wrong, just as they are not entirely right, either.

Nothing is a 100% deterrent. Some people will always do the crime, believing they will get away with it. We can count their crimes. We cannot count crimes that are not committed, and without numbers, we are at a disadvantage in a numbers based argument.

One thing I am convinced of, the death penalty has proven 100% effective in "deterring" REPEAT OFFENDERS!
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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