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I have a real soft spot for Berettas, 2 92Fs and a 96, very sexy
I will say the dbl action trigger on this P89 is almost identical to my 3 Berettas, the single action pull not quite as nice. Even if it didn't have Ruger stamped on it most could tell it was a Ruger because of the way it's built. No beauty queen, but rugged and dependable.
Lately I have had a strong desire to acquire guns I foolishly traded away as a young man, many regrets here.
The Security Six, Trooper Mk III, Smith 659 are but a few on my list, that probably won't get filled but that's okay, I have too many as it is.
Most of todays offerings do very little for me, my tastes are for a different style and era of firearms.
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