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Originally Posted by wild cat mccane View Post
Two parts.
1. Gel has been tested to be a universal media for testing. That gel is used is because it is used.
2. Therefore, results within gel are ONE universal measure of variation between rounds. Within loads that is variance that all equal to an avg with outliers that might be factory caused. At a large sample, you establish confidence bounds that will hit every single depth/expansion within that load with up to 100% certainty. (recall, this is scientific, not social science certainty (95% vs 99.98%).

One load behaving in gel that does something different in equal gel, that's variation because of difference in the the load.

Hunting results are absolutely not results. A hunter cannot shoot 100 of the exact same shots in the exact same location.

So that being said, factory loads across .380, 9mm, .40, and 45 FMJ can all travel the same distance in gel--a universal media. This tells you that FMJ performs similar in gel. 22"-33" in gel from FMJ between the 4 top handgun loads.

A type of shape of FMJ in 22lr in the same load PROBABLY isn't going to do any different but be variation within 22lr FMJ. The four forces of flight are Force, Thrust, Drag, and Lift. All being equal, drag will slow them down equally. I say metplat in this size of round mathatically makes no different regardless of what the wadcutter crowd says because that hydrostatic damage is all predicated on high velocity that handgun loads don't reach. This forum has agreed to that in the past.

It's either a successful 22lr hollow point design or it's an FMJ. In handgun 22lr, the consensus is FMJ due to low velocity vs 22lr in a rifle. I bet a Mini Mag round copper nosed in the same weight vs Punch proves no different in the exact same weight. Nothing to do with FMJ shape. At all.

Heck. I would bet the heavier Mini Mag FMJ does better too.
Could you link me to .22RF FMJ, I’ve never heard of it. Sounds interesting.
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