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Originally Posted by Screwball
The clock starts for expiration on the day it is issued… so if there is a six month grace period, you’d want to send it in as late as possible to get the most amount of time.
The woman didn't tell me -- and I didn't think to ask -- if the grace period allows carry during that period, or if it only applies for renewal without having to start over as a new applicant. My Pennsylvania non-resident permit has a 90-day grace period, and in PA I believe the license remains valid for carry during the grace period.

Of course, now that Maine has [mostly] "constitutional" carry, it's not such a big deal. But that also makes it easier to forget about checking your expiration date. The issue for me is that Maine doesn't allow permitless carry in state parks ... and Acadia National Park follows state law for carry in parks. I definitely want to be legal for carry in Acadia, so keeping the permit active was a big deal for me.
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