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Not a lawyer so parsing that isn't easy for me, but what I read there is it is specific to unlawful entry into what I was taught is called the 'domicile'.

I would say that is fine, but doesn't go far enough. In KY, my understanding from my training is that if am legally allowed to use deadly force anywhere, then I am immune from civil liability from the person I used it against, or his estate/family. Actually, I thought that was pretty much any state with 'stand your ground' probably already has those protections in place. But I never researched it.

As to the dissent from 1983, the last 2 congresses have passed bills striking QI, so it is very much a current topic. This is part of Tort reform in general, AFAIC.

IMO, if you want true tort reform, then strip public officials from their immunity and they will get right on cleaning up our tort system. Until they are subject to the same insanity we are, why would they care?
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