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I'm not sure how you get that someone is held accountable when all that happened is the tax payers paid a settlement amount to someone.
Trust me, someone is always held accountable. They may not be punished the way we feel they should be, they may not go to jail or have to pay ruinous amounts directly out of their personal pocket, but there are always consequences, though we seldom hear about them.

Do you think someone who costs their employer millions of dollars due to their errors or incompetence gets away without any consequences? Think again.

It may not be (and usually isn't) what we think they deserve but there are unpleasant and often expensive consequences for those responsible.

Commonly its at the very least the end of any possibility of advancement in their career path. It can even be the end of their ability to work in that chosen field.

No, its not nearly enough to be considered justice, but those people responsible DO have their lives irrevocably altered and not for the better. Don't think they get off without any consequences at all.

I am of course speaking generally, there are always individual cases where that doesn't happen and the "guilty" do get away without serious penalties. Our system isn't flawless, it has people running it...
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