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Not really for the individual but they are legally required to be there and take action.
That's the job. And on the job police officers are acting as agents of the government. Not as private citizens who happen to wear the same suit and have badges and guns. If a cop shoots someone they should not shoot, and they are acting within their guidelines and training, and the Dept approves their actions, the individual officers dont get sued, the Police Dept or its boss, the City (or county or state) gets sued.

They hired, trained and paid for the cop, they are responsible for what the cop does in their name.

one of the things skewing the public's perception about this, is that often the City (state. etc) will settle wrongful death cases out of court for "undisclosed" sums and usually with a non-disclosure clause, so the public never hears about it, and so goes on thinking the no one is held accountable for the shooting.
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