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Originally Posted by FrankenMauser View Post
Good to hear that you like it. Hopefully, it will hold up for your use.

I built a rifle around a MEGA SBU side-charging upper receiver and Young Manufacturing BCG some time ago. Too heavy.
I liked the side-charging. But it was far too heavy for the application.
That upper went through three or four reconfigurations (where it was still always too heavy) before it ended up being combined with a heavy barrel, heavy free float tube, and heavy gas block, and ended up as a varmint rig that weighs in at a ridiculous 13 lbs.

Good application for it. Just not at all what I had envisioned when I bought it.

Did you know that it is possible for a company to put out both good and bad products, and for those products to go to different people? And, amazingly, the probability of a person getting bad products more than once increases as the company's level of quality control decreases?
Shocking and incredible, I know.


They are the Lee Precision of the AR world.
"It was bad right out of the box and never should have left the factory? Really. Well, send us the parts and pay for shipping, and roll the dice on whether we'll send you another bad part from the same lot or one that actually represents what you paid for."
Previously stated. No brand is perfect.

If implying this company has a documented history of selling an increased number of poor products due to inadequate QC, post the hard data or just shut ....
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