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I'm not familiar with the cast offerings you listed but I'll weigh in with what experience I've had.

I've used 230gr +p in a .45 ACP and 180gr in .40 S&W to take a few deer. Both were XTP bullets and of the three deer I shot none had an exit wound (2 with the .45 and 1 with the .40) on 2 of the deer the expanded round came to rest against the ribs on the opposite side and the other resting just under the hide. The 10mm giving higher velocity may provide a bit more penetration or it may give the same penetration but expand a bit more. Either way none of these deer left anything remotely close to what I would call a trackable blood trail but died inside of a hundred yards.

I've killed several deer with a 265gr .43 cal rnfp traveling at 1300 fps out of my .44. The blood trails are short and typically good, always a full passthrough.

I've also taken 1 deer with a 158gr rnfp out of my 9mm traveling at 1000fps. Full passthrough with a marginal blood trail of about 75 yards or so. If it were me I'd choose one of the hardcast bullets if they shot good but that's just my opinion.
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