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Originally Posted by std7mag View Post
The Savage 110/111 are long actions. So magazine length shouldn't be any issue.
Heck, even the 10/11 short actions have generous magazine length.

The issue i'm seeing is the 162gr SST and the amount of freebore in the 7mm-08.
Unless you throat ream your barrel, there is a lot of bullet being pushed down into the case.
Your probably running 110% or more of case fill.
That crunching sound your hearing when seating a bullet is the powder kernels breaking.
Which can change the burn rate of the powder.
That and the pressure of the powder pushing against the bottom of the bullet will affect your cartridge length after some time. (Ask me how i know! )

While i don't care for Barnes bullets, your better choice in this circumstance would be them.
IMO, the 7-08 is far from the ideal cartridge to shoot heavy bullets in. The small 7 for shooting heavies out of is the 7x57.
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