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Oh for sure, but I'm considering the hypothetical case of the best shooter (or the best bench-clamped pressure barrel in an instrumented tunnel) delivering the shots.
Go out and shoot in some club matches and you will see what I mean. There will be two or three guys always taking home the medals. I saw a guy at my last match shoot a 200 14X target with a completely stock .308 FTR Savage with department store optics. He beat a lot of guys shooting $10K custom rigs. He won his class, that was his third match ever. He told me he loaded his ammo on a Hornady single stage, weighed powder on a Chargemaster. Some guys can just read the wind and have a good technique, you can't buy that

edit - just a disclaimer I am a middle of the pack guy, for me 5th place is a good match. I just compete for fun and don't expect to ever see my name in a record book or standing on the stage at Perry
“How do I get to the next level?” Well, you get to the next level by being the first one on the range and the last one to leave.” – Jerry Miculek

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